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I have been selling real estate in Vancouver since 2006, and I love it. I sold some of West Vancouver's largest homes in my first year and have continued working hard for my clients ever since.

I quickly learned that to sell a home - you have to make it look great, to emphasize the emotional aspect of the marketing. While commercial real estate is largely driven by cap rates and lease agreements - the numbers, residential real estate is a very different animal. Residential real estate is driven by the emotional attachment to our 'home'. It's a difficult input to quantify, but most of us have had that feeling evoked when we set foot inside a property, or see a great photo of a interesting place. That emotional lever-pulling is a big part of what a realtor should aim to evoke from customers on the Client's behalf. This starts with imagery, wording and eventually, hopefully, a showing of the property. Its my job to get customers to want to buy your property, and to get you the most for it.

The other ingredient for success in real estate is helping your Client avoid liability. How well are your contracts put together? Did you cover all aspects and ensure that your client will avoid litigation arising from a sale? Are you up to date on the ever changing landscape of property law? Often overlooked, this is where so many agents fall short. There is no shortage of names who neglect this aspect, or even purposely violate rules. I'm proud to say that I stay on top of this interesting aspect of my job and that not one of my clients has been exposed to liability claims. I am focused on staying up to date and making sure you come out ahead.  I've got your back.


I love my job and I do it well.

When you think of purchasing or selling property, find out how I can help.

I am confident that you will be impressed.

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