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Climate Change Inspired Changes to Canada's Building Code

Building Code for New Construction and Renovations are Changing in Canada Due To Climate Change

Wildfires, Flooding and weather seen to be more severe than what Canadians are used to is driving updates to Canada's Building Code. The wide-ranging changes cover everything from concrete composition and mixing for infrastructure to storm resistant roofing standards.

In a report commissioned by Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canada is found to be warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. In the report, the authors state the importance that Canadian infrastructure both protects residents and is more environmentally friendly. The authors cite a cost of $300 billion in damages over the next ten years if these improvements are neglected.

Mentioned in the reports notes, potential changes include:

-Guidelines for certifying roofing resiliency for 2020

-Concrete composition for 2021

-Building structural design rules for 2025

-Basement flood protection now in effect

-Storm Water Systems for 2021

Expect more information in the coming years as the new rules are unveiled to the public.

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